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    Sterling Capital

    Sterling is a multi-billion-dollar SEC Registered Investment Adviser and a massive research and due diligence firm that acts as AE Wealth Management’s independent chief investment officer. Sterling does due diligence on asset managers to help us identify the difference between a great investment manager and a manager who just has really great marketing.

    Made up of 150 employees, 40 of which possess the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, Sterling digs beneath the surface to find “best-in-class” investment management support. Amazon and Adobe are among its other clients. Like AEWM, Sterling is not a firm that you could call directly and build a relationship with. It is through our strategic partnership with AEWM that we get access to this first-class organization. Sterling will help us:

    Sterling’s objective investment guidance enables us to provide an investment platform that is transparent and unbiased, so we can provide you with clear investment choices.

    AE Wealth Management

    AE Wealth Management (AEWM) is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser that is part of a full service financial services company. AEWM takes care of running our investment platform so we can spend more time working with you. They build out the tools and services we need to run our business and, together, we combine investment management, financial planning and retirement planning services into one cohesive operation focused on helping you work toward your financial goals.

    AEWM is not open to the public. Rather than working with individual investors, AEWM exclusively services a select group of some of the top independent financial advisors in the country.

    Some of the benefits and services AEWM brings to our firm include:

    With clear communication, straightforward pricing and constant evaluation, this all-encompassing platform allows us to set a new industry standard for creating and executing effective, customized financial strategies.

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