Tax Planning

Tax Planning Services in
Huntsville AL

Tax Planning Services in Huntsville AL

While WG Financial Group does not do tax returns or give full blown tax advice, we do work with other local CPAs and Tax Professionals. Tax planning is a critical piece to your retirement plan. Being tax-effective while you’re still working will frequently result in being more tax-efficient once you stop working. Once you stop working, it’s important to think about other tax efficient strategies such as delaying Social Security, Roth conversions, QCDs, and gifting appreciated assets.  

Our tax planning process and professionals we work with can often uncover these types of strategies.

Tax Planning Services in Huntsville AL
Tax Efficiency

Tax Efficiency

During your pre-retiree years, there are opportunities to become more tax efficient with your savings, but many individuals and families often do not understand the benefits of saving in certain types of accounts.  Early on in your career when you are not in your peak earning years, it may be best to save more after-tax or Roth monies versus pre-taxed because you are in a lower tax bracket.

Pre-Tax Vs. ROTH

As you grow into your career and your earnings reach more of a peak, you may find yourself needing to save tax dollars today.  At WG Financial Group, we can help with these types of issues by analyzing your plan to come up with recommendations to best serve you and your family.  

We feel like every individual and family has an “Order of Operations” when it comes to saving money for retirement, and when distributing money from their nest egg.

Save more after tax